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Alignment Therapy / Bodyfix Method

2nd Story Pilates+Yoga is delighted to offer Bodyfix Method Alignment Therapy with Elaine O’Brien. This highly personalized approach treats the underlying cause of chronic pain by way of restoring the body’s natural alignment. How we sit, stand and walk have a meaningful impact on how we feel. Through manual therapy, postural and gait analysis, and therapeutic movement, clients can shed harmful patterns and restore balance and function at any age. Each session includes a take home program of simple exercises that has been designed to treat the client’s individual needs. The results are more energy, better balance and pain free movement. 

$120 for 1 hour
$345 for a 3 Session package
$550 for a 5 Session Package
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Lora Lee Alves provides gentle acupuncture and other modalities to tailor a treatment that balances and heals based on your individual needs.  In East Asian medicine, physical and emotional pain can be caused by blockages of Qi and blood. Acupuncture can invigorate your life energy ("Qi") to move freely and smoothly, using fine, sterile needles at special points on the body.

Lora Lee Alves, MSEd, LAc graduated from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine NYC in 2015. Since changing career paths in 2002, she has sought to find ways to help individuals heal and be happier versions of themselves. She continues to be amazed by what acupuncture can do for athletes, those with chronic conditions, and emotional stress.

$90 for 50 mins-1 hour
Sliding scale available for those who need 

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Christine Ferris, LMT, offers Swedish Massage personalized to fit your needs and goals.  It may be stress reducing as well as incorporate Deep Tissue, Reflexology, Trigger Point, Myofascial, Sports Massage, and Reiki.  Christine is also certified in Pregnancy Massage.  She has extensive experience with older adults.  Her experience with the body comes from years of work as a Pilates Instructor, Choreographer, and Dancer.  Christine has an Associate’s Degree from the Swedish Institute of Massage and has been a practicing Licensed Massage Therapist in New York State since 2000.  She worked at Sloan Kettering Integrative Medicine Center for 11 years as a Massage Therapist and Pilates Instructor.  Currently Christine has a private practice in Massage and Pilates.  She also creates work for her dance company Chris Ferris & Dancers.

$120 for a 1 hour (60 min.) massage. $180 for 1.5 hours (90 min.) 

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