Mat Classes include Yoga, Pilates, and Qigong. Classes are focused at a 12 person maximum, and range in levels and styles. Please see descriptions below to read about what class works for you!

Pilates Springboard Classes Springboard classes are focused at a 4 person maximum.  Classes are open level. If you have never done Pilates before, we do recommend taking a couple mat classes or check out our Intro Private offer before signing up for a springboard class. This will allow you to get used to the Pilates movement vocabulary before adding spring tension onto it!   Please see below for the various springboard classes we offer. 


Mat Classes

Iyengar Yoga
Based on the ancient art of Hatha Yoga, Iyengar Yoga emphasizes detailed alignment and clarity in each posture. Through specific sequences and use of props, students develop awareness in their own body, as well mindfulness in their day to day lives. The Iyengar method can be both energizing and restorative.

Bhakti Vinyasa Yoga Flow
This class explores the devotional essence of yoga by connecting the breath to the mind, body, and soul through physical movement. Yoga asana (postures), philosophy, pranayama (breathing techniques), mantra meditation (transcending the mind), mudras (hand gestures that evoke meaning), and devotional chants and songs to raise your vibration are elements of this 75 minute class. This dynamic all levels class is an alignment and vinyasa based practice that will accommodate nearly every student from beginner to those with a steady practice. Each posture is built in stages, so ideally there is an option for everyone. This is a great opportunity for moving, breathing, opening, exploring your personal depths and limits.

Be Pink Be Fit: Fitness Class for Women with Cici
BPBF is a work out routine that Cici developed to help her students achieve physical goals. This class is high energy, fun, and challenging! Combining music, cardio (to get your heart rate up) and strengthening for (toning the body). This class is for woman and those who identify. Please bring gym shoes and a mat.

BPBF es una rutina de ejercicios que Cici desarrolló para ayudar a sus estudiantes a alcanzar sus metas físicas. ¡Esta clase es alta energía, diversión y desafío! Combinando música, cardio (para aumentar su ritmo cardíaco) y fortalecimiento para (tonificar el cuerpo). Esta clase es para mujeres y para aquellos que se identifican. Por favor, trae zapatos de gimnasia y una colchoneta.

Open Level Kundalini Yoga
Kundalini yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, is a powerful yet accessible yoga practice that is appropriate for all levels. It combines asana, breathwork, sound, and meditation to soothe and strengthen the nervous and glandular systems. It attunes you form the inside out by transforming stress into a creative force that allows you to excel under pressure, experience your highest consciousness, and direct your own energy.

Open Level Vinyasa Yoga
This hour long, open level class will focus on traditional yoga postures, fluid sequences, and breathing practices. Variations and modifications are available for practitioners of all levels, so that each student can experience a balance of effort and ease in their practice. Come ready to move and breathe and leave feeling centered and refreshed

Pilates Mat: Core Integration
This 60-minute class will move you through classical Pilates mat exercises with a contemporary approach. Our focus will be to build strength through incorporating the use of breath, imagery, props, and anatomical alignment so the necessary muscles can do their job! Open to all levels. 

Pilates Mat: The Classics
Get ready to learn the classical repertoire of Pilates! This class will start you off with a mindful warm-up, using a prop to find control, mobility, and length before moving through the classical mat vocabulary. 

Give yourself a little midweek  luxury that will lengthen and relax your muscles and change your body's response to stress! The antidote to stress is relaxation. Our bodies need deep rest -- collapsing on the couch in front of the tv is not deep rest! Restorative yoga helps the body and mind relax, allowing us to regain equilibrium. There is very little movement; poses are held anywhere from five to 15 minutes, but every part of your body is completely supported by props. Truly anyone can practice, and will benefit from, restorative yoga.

A little more info about Restorative: We spend most of our lives in the "fight-or-flight" sympathetic nervous system. Our bodies do not make the distinction between the small stresses of daily life (being late for work), a more serious personal crisis, or a life-threatening situation -- in call cases, bodies respond with the release of adrenaline, cortisol, and other hormones. Heart rate, blood pressure, and muscle tension are all increased. The body also shuts down systems that are deemed non-essential, such as digestion, elimination, growth, repair, and reproduction. This is great if we are being chased by a bear, but in most cases our bodies overreact to the chronic stress of our lives.

Sunday Restorative
Before beginning the new week, give yourself an end of weekend luxury of Restorative! See class description above. 

Yoga Foundations
Learn what all the hype is about! This class is devoted to the newcomer who wants to build their practice from the ground up. Students will explore breath practices, standing sequences, seated poses, and an introduction to backbends. This class is ideal for those who are new to yoga or for anyone who wants to brush up on the basics. (Beginner Friendly)

Sunrise Yoga
Start your day with this invigorating, open level practice. Sunrise Yoga is designed to energize the body, deepen the breath, and warm you from the inside out. Class includes a brief meditation to help center the mind at the start of your day. Props and chairs are available for modifications. All are welcome!

Open Level Hatha Yoga
Enter the weekend with this gentle traditional Hatha Yoga class. We will focus on increasing strength and flexibility through yoga postures along with, yogic breathing exercises and meditation for stress relief and peace of mind. This class can accommodate English, Marathi and Hindi languages. 

Springboard Classes

Springboards are a piece of equipment invented by Ellie Herman. The equipment uses springs and spring tension as on the traditional Pilates Equipment, but are hooked to a wooden board on the wall rather than to a Cadillac (the traditional equipment). Basically, she invented an awesome space savor as the Cadillac equipment takes up the space of a twin bed!

If you have never done Pilates before, we do recommend you taking a couple mat classes or our Intro Private offer before signing up for a springboard class. This will allow you to get used to the Pilates movement vocabulary before adding spring tension onto it!  

Int/Adv Pilate Circuit
Kay Ottinger
Unlike the Springboard class where all students are on the same piece of equipment, in this class students will rotate on the various pieces of Pilates equipment including the Reformer, Chair and Springboard as well as different Mat props such as the spine corrector, BOSU, Physioball. Think of it as a maximum of 4 privates going on at one time. Students start to develop a personal practice in this class and can explore further their personal movement goals due to the nature of the rotation. Enjoy the different kinds of movements and variations to explore!

Students must either take a Private Session with Kay first or have taken group Springboard or Mat classes with Kay. This allows her to get to know the student before coming into the class and lays a foundation for the student to start their personal practice. She offers an intro private rate of $60.

Pre natal and Post natal clients are welcome to take this class. Email Kay at with any questions.

Long and Strong
The Pilates Equipment was invented even before the mat choreography! Spring tension is used to both challenge and give feedback to Pilates movements. In this intimate class of 4, students will move through various classical and contemporary Pilates equipment exercises to create length, flexibility, and especially strength!

This is an open level class.

Prenatal Pilates
You are having a baby! There are so many ways to move that can support the ever-changing needs through out pregnancy. We will use movement as a way to support, prepare, keep strong, and breathe. The class will move through Pilates exercises that support the prenatal student on the equipment. Don't worry, no need to have pre pilates or equipment experience for this class. Prenatal students are able to take Kay’s INT/ADV circuit class if they have previous experience with Pilates equipment, taken a Private with Kay, or have taken at least 3 of the Prenatal Pilates Classes.

Community Classes
$5/$10 donation


Sit, Stand, + Balance with Elaine O’Brien
SS + B draws from traditional yoga poses and therapeutic movement practices while using a yoga chair. Don't let the word chair fool you, this class will move you! SS+B will help students recognize their natural alignment and encourage easeful and confident movement. This class is appropriate for seniors and humans of all ages who want to move peacefully their whole lives. This class is $5 . Proceeds go to a Make the Road NY!

Community Yoga with Sharib Khan
Iyengar style yoga class for all levels. The class will focus on basics of foundational poses to reinvigorate the body and mind in the middle of the week.  This class is $5 . Proceeds go to a Make the Road NY!

Yoga Para Tu Salud
Jennifer nació y fue criada en Nueva York. Sus raíces en Sur y Centro América y también en el Caribe le ofrece una conexión y conocimiento especial con Latinos de todas partes. La clase es de nivel abierto. No tienes que haber tenido experiencia con yoga. La clase tiene elementos de Iyengar, Hatha y Kundalini. Hay mucha atención a detalles físicos, y a la respiración en conexión con el movimiento del cuerpo. Vengan a ver! Todos estan invitados.  

Meditation Session/Sesión de Meditación
with Patrick Paul Garlinger
First Sunday of Every Month, Meditation Session/Sesión de Meditación, 2:30pm - 3:30pm. This class is bilingual and open to English and Spanish Speakers. La clase es bilingue y está abierta a los hablantes de inglés y español.

Meditation has been proven to help individuals reduce stress, sleep better, and enjoy greater peace. In this breath awareness class, we will use our breath as an anchor as we watch our thoughts and emotions. The class will provide an overview of what meditation is and is not and instructions on how to practice so newcomers are welcome.

La meditación es una práctica sencilla pero cuando se medita con frecuencia, se experimentan ciertos beneficios como menos estrés, más paz y un sentido de bienestar. Esta clase se centra en el uso de la respiración como herramienta para trabajar con los pensamientos y las emociones. La clase incluye una breve discusión de lo que es la meditación e instrucciones de la práctica.